How high are the mountains of Barrington Tops?

Barrington Tops is the highest sub-alpine region outside the Australian Alps but just how high are the peaks within it?

The plateau of Barrington Tops is an ancient shield volcano (so it’s flat not pointy) but there are still some pretty awesome peaks within it. Some you can admire from afar whilst others you can get up close and personal… if you don’t mind a bushwalking challenge.

Gloucester Tops 1,315m (the Gloucester River is born nearby and cascades over Gloucester Falls)

Corker Mountain 1,325m (a stopover on the Corker Trail to Careys Peak)

Careys Peak 1,545m (the rewarding lookout at the end of the Corker Trail or Careys Peak Trail or Link Trail)

Mount Barrington 1,555m (the Barrington River is born at the foot of this mountain, accessed via Barrington Trail)

Polblue Mountain 1,576m (this was previously known as the highest peak until re-surveying confirmed Brumlow Top as the highest peak, via Barrington Trail)

Brumlow Top 1,586m (the highest peak within the Barrington Tops parklands, via Barrington Trail)

(For comparison, the highest mountain in Australia is Mount Kosciusko at 2,228m within the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales)

Photo at Careys Peak by