Gravel grinding: a new trend?

Whether an antidote to the perceived threat of city roads, or something more philosophical, gravel & grinding have become by-words for freedom on two wheels.

How old is Barrington Tops?

How old are the rocks of Barrington Tops? And what about the fossils, rubies, gold, barringtonite & cowlesite that is found there?

Discover the majesty of Mount Royal

Mount Royal National Park is in the south-western precinct of Barrington Tops, part of the extraordinary world heritage area of Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.

How big is Barrington Tops?

Take care in the huge Barrington Tops wilderness, it has swallowed many planes & people without a trace. And it’s also hidden bushrangers & fugitives for years.

Get up close to Tassie Devil joeys in Barrington Tops

There’s no other experience like this on the Australian mainland! Become immersed in the devil’s huge free range enclosures to witness Tassie Devils in truly wild conditions. Plus meet some devil joeys: wickedly cute! Add this experience to #YourBuckettsList #TheBuckettsWay #TopThingsToDoGloucester #BarringtonTops #GloucesterNewSouthWales HOW: Devil Ark conservation facility at Tomalla in Barrington Tops via Gloucester,…

Choose a country road to rediscovery

Pick a road, any road, the scenic country drives are all so beautiful around Gloucester and Barrington Tops. Some take you to a stunning destination to view and to photograph; others lead you on a scenic journey through beautiful countryside that could start you thinking about a tree-change. Take one of our winding country roads…

Ride the riverside trails of Captain Thunderbolt

Horse riding in the scenic foothills of Barrington Tops will inspire you with panoramic views and wildlife sightings. Let your horse take you to the prettiest river crossings of the Cobark River as you ride the mountain trails and pristine rivers traversed by the legendary bushranger Captain Thunderbolt! Options include fully guided horse riding tours, pony…

Camp in the forest with your best pal

Wake up to your camping holiday with a morning lick from your best furry pal. There are plenty of options around the Gloucester region for camping with well-behaved dogs, especially with our friends over at #visitnswforests #youcanbringyourdog (Photo courtesy of Visit NSW State Forests) Add this experience to #YourBuckettsList #TheBuckettsWay #TopThingsToDoGloucester #BarringtonTops #GloucesterNewSouthWales Dogs under…

Listen to the river as it works magic on your stress

Summertime camping is just magic when there’s flowing water nearby for swimming, paddling, fishing or just floating around on a lilo. Even the sound of the river will help wash away the stress of your busy year. There are plenty of riverside camping options around Gloucester and Barrington Tops, in fact there’s space for over…

Taste nature’s purest in Gloucester Tops

At Gloucester Tops within Barrington Tops National Park you can step behind the green curtain into a dimly lit world of ancient Antarctic beech, brightly coloured fungi, towering tree ferns and pure mountain streams tumbling down mossy cascades. The magical nature of Gondwanaland…. rare and pure but still visible after millions of years at Barrington…

Listen to the lyrebirds at The Firs in Barrington Tops

The Firs is an unusual picnic area high in Barrington Tops surrounded by old Douglas firs… a type of pine tree. You’ll think you’re in Vancouver until you realise the dozen different bird calls (and even the motorcycle sound) are all coming from that lovely lyre bird perched on a log in the cool deep shadows….

Bass & Trout Fishing

Trout Season OPEN | Midnight, Friday – October long weekend CLOSE | Midnight, Monday – June long weekend Bass Season OPEN | 1st September CLOSE | 30th April The rivers in the Gloucester region come under the Peel District and are classed as general trout streams. Mullet, catfish, eels and herring start arriving in our local rivers towards the end…

Carson’s Pioneer Lookout

Carson’s lookout is located on the Thunderbolt’s Way approximately 45km north of Gloucester. Named after Gloucester resident Eric Carson (1913-1999). Eric was a member of the team who built the first road up the mountain back in 1961, the original road was only 32kms long. Gloucester Rotary Club constructed the lookout to commemorate the achievements…

Best Sydney Walk #4 is actually in Barrington Tops

The Urban List has ranked Gloucester Tops Circuit as Sydney’s Best Walk #4… but it’s actually in Barrington Tops. A bushwalker’s utopia, Barrington Tops is a not-so remote section of NSW offering hikers prepared to get off the beaten track the sweetest of rewards. Gloucester Tops Circuit is the standout 7km loop as it combines three…

Milky Way stargazing

Extraordinary nature in Barrington Tops… dark sky gazing. Did you know that not all views of the Milky Way are created equal?

Parma wallaby

This beautiful animal with the white moustache is an ecosystem engineer, playing a significant role in ecological functionality & habitat restoration.

Brush turkey

With a striking red head, blue-black plumage & booming call, these distinctive Australian birds are easy to spot while bird watching in Barrington Tops.

Find the missing aeroplanes in Barrington Tops

Barrington Tops holds many secrets with missing planes and lost souls. The RAAF Mosquito fighter plane that went down in April 1945 with 2 crew… the wreckage and bones were found in 1946. However the Cessna that went down in August 1981 with 5 souls has never been found, despite many searches (maybe except by…

Cool off where the platypus play

The Gloucester platypuses aren’t silly, they know a good river for swimming when they see one. Close to town you can swim in the Gloucester River or a short drive takes you to the broad Barrington River, the Barnard River and the Manning River.