Crown & Flora Reserves

Crown reserves

The Crown Reserve System is the oldest and most diverse system of land management in NSW. It promotes the cooperative care, control, and management of Crown reserves by the community with assistance from the NSW Department of Industry – Lands (the Department) and other government agencies and reserve users.

Crown reserves are land areas set aside on behalf of the community for a wide range of public purposes. This results in a diversity of reserve types, ranging from state parks, beaches and national surfing reserves, caravan and camping grounds, sporting fields and parks, walking tracks, canoe and kayak trails plus much more… More information

  • Polblue Crown Reserve
  • Bradley Crown Reserve

Nature reserves

Nature Reserves areas of land in predominantly untouched, natural condition, with high conservation value. Their primary purpose is to protect and conserve their outstanding, unique or representative ecosystems and Australian native plants and animals. More information

  • Monkeycot Nature Reserve
  • Bretti Nature Reserve
  • Camels Hump Nature Reserve

Flora Reserves

Flora Reserves are managed primarily for flora conservation. In many cases these offer a similar level of security and protection to biodiversity as National Parks and Nature Reserves, although in some cases mining may be permitted in them. Flora Reserves are present in 12 of the 17 NSW bioregions. More information

  • Mount Allyn Flora Reserve