Conservation Areas

State Conservation Areas (SCAs)

Barrington Tops State Conservation Area

On the 1 January 1999, as part of the State Forest Agreements for the Lower North-East Region, Polblue Crown Reserve along with Barrington Tops Crown Reserve (Teagan & Bradley portions) were dedicated under the Forestry and National Park Estate Act 1998. These areas were dedicated for the purpose of protecting natural and cultural heritage, and providing opportunities for sustainable recreation, mineral exploration and mining. On 1 January 2003, these areas which total 8,446 hectares were converted to State Conservation Areas (SCA) and were renamed Barrington Tops SCA in August 2003.

Nearby Nature Reserves

Nature Reserves areas of land in predominantly untouched, natural condition, with high conservation value. Their primary purpose is to protect and conserve their outstanding, unique or representative ecosystems and Australian native plants and animals.