Camping with dogs

Wake up to your camping holiday with a morning lick from your furry best pal.

Dogs under control are welcome at campgrounds within NSW State Forests, some council-run camping reserves and some commercial campgrounds too.

But remember to be the best camper and mind the rules: your dog must be under your control at all times; always pick up after your dog; pack enough food & water for your dog; and respect other campers who don’t have dogs and keep noise to a minimum.

Also, many state forests are adjacent to national parks (especially at Barrington Tops) where dogs are prohibited, so make sure you are aware and stay within the state forest boundaries while holidaying with your dog.

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Barrington Tops State Forest

The Barrington Tops State Forest is in the northern precinct of Barrington Tops, accessed via Gloucester or Scone.

Camping is free in state forests but sites cannot be reserved or booked.

Manning River Camping Area – In the state forest alongside the upper Manning River on Pheasant Creek Rd, this remote wilderness campground is a popular spot with 4WD enthusiasts and freshwater fishermen. The camping areas were upgraded in 2017, with the new site now located next to Henry’s Bridge on Pheasants Creek Road.Sites: 5; Cost: Free.

Dilgry River Camping Area – In the state forest alongside the Dilgry River, this camping area is located just off Dilgry Circle, a short distance from the main Barrington Tops Forest Rd. Facilities are the same as Manning River. Sites: 5; Cost: free.

Scone Road

Copeland Reserve
On the way to the northern precinct of Barrington Tops about 15 mins from Gloucester, the roadside camping reserve is close to Copeland Tops State Conservation Area. Also called Copeland Common, the camping area is a large open grassy space close to the creek and roadside. No toilet facilities. Sites : 20; Cost: free.

Camp Cobark
On the way to the northern precinct of Barrington Tops about 30 mins from Gloucester, located alongside the Cobark River on a large working cattle property. Also offers horse riding, pony rides, pony school. Sites: 200+;  Cost: variable; Bookings: 6558 5524

Chichester State Forest – Allyn River & Telegherry River

The state forests of the southern precinct of Barrington Tops offer beautiful camping areas where you can take your dog. Chichester State Forest is the best, accessed via Dungog or Gresford, and is divided into two distinct areas, the western side centred on the Allyn River and the eastern side centred on the Telegherry River.

Download the Forestry maps here: Chichester State Forest west and Chichester State Forest east

Camping is free in state forests but sites cannot be reserved or booked.

Allyn River Forest Rest Area
This is a great day use area for swimming, bushwalking, relaxing or four-wheel-driving. The nearby swimming hole at Ladies Well is a cool refreshing swimming hole that is perfect for a dip in the warmer summer months.

White Rock Camping Area
White Rock camping area is located on the Allyn River upstream of other visitor areas. Large and flat with toilets, this camping area is essentially for ‘walk-ins’ with the carpark adjacent to the camping area. This is a delightful spot to appreciate or paddle in the cool, crystal clear waters of the Allyn River.

Old Camp
Old Camp is positioned closest to the Allyn River with drive-in shady and spacious campsites. A popular spot with families.

Pademelon Camping Area
A little further from the Allyn River is Pademelon with its large, secluded sites divided by trees. This site is recommended for groups of campers who wish to have a good time without disturbing other campers and forest visitors.

Telegherry Forest Rest Area
Telegherry Forest Rest Area contains separate picnic and camping areas beside the river. There are a number of short walking tracks leading into the surrounding forest and areas of river/creek that are popular spots on a hot day.

Frying Pan Creek Camping Area
Frying Pan Creek is a picturesque and very popular camping and picnic area on the banks of the fast flowing Telegherry River. A two kilometre return walking track to Problem Creek Falls starts from this site, and is maintained with the help of the “Friends of Chichester”.

On the opposite bank to Frying Pan Creek is Coachwood camping area. This spot is popular with family groups and those wishing to enjoy river-based activities.

Currawong is a particularly quiet camping spot away from the larger visitor areas. Currawong offers easy access to the Telegherry River for paddling or li-loing.  Currawong camping area can only be accessed by 4WD due to a river crossing that quickly varies in depth after rainfall.

Thunderbolts Way

Barrington Reserve
Barrington Reserve is an easy access campsite just 7km north of Gloucester on Thunderbolts Way, with direct access to the Barrington River. Enjoy swimming, canoeing and fishing. Sites: 7; Cost: small fee; Bookings: 6558 4249

Poleys Place
Located alongside the Barrington River, 9km from Gloucester on Thunderbolts Way. The campground is located on a working cattle farm and also hosts Country Music Hoedowns at Easter and October long weekends. Sites: 150; Cost: variable; Bookings: 6558 4220

Gloryvale Reserve
Gloryvale is located 24km north of Gloucester on Thunderbolts Way in a steep green valley. Enjoy riverside camping on the Manning River, great for fishing, swimming and canoeing. Sites : 15; Cost: free.

Bretti Reserve
Bretti is located 35kms north of Gloucester along Thunderbolts Way, situated at the junction of the Manning & Barnard Rivers. Great for canoeing and surf mat rides down the river. Sites: 50; Cost: free.

Bucketts Way

Gloucester Holiday Park
Located in Gloucester District Park on the banks of the Gloucester River. Powered and unpowered sites, kiosk, gas BBQs, tennis court, basketball area and mini-golf available on site. Sites: 110; Cost: variable; Bookings: 6558 1720

Riverwood Downs
Riverwood Downs is a large resort-style campground that caters for all styles of campers, including those that prefer to stay in cabins.  Located alongside the Karuah River in the Monkerai Valley, about 30 minutes from Gloucester via short detour off the Bucketts Way. Sites : 130; Cost: variable; Bookings: 4994 7112

Stroud Showground
Stroud Showground is located on Cowper Street (the main street of Stroud, also called the Bucketts Way). The grounds are a public space, used for dog walking and various sporting activities. Campsites are available at reasonable rates; BYO drum fire place. The region’s only free swimming pool is next door.
Sites: 40;  Cost: $18 per site per night; Bookings: 4994 5204

Upper Manning Valley

Cundle Flat Farm
60 minutes from Gloucester on 350 acres fronting the Manning River, Cundle Flat Farm offers large campsites, fireplaces, toilets and showers with bunkhouse and cabins on site. Sites: 18; Cost: variable; Bookings: 6550 7565