For those watching the current snowfall forecasts…be informed:

  • Before you leave home check the weather forecast with the Bureau of Meteorology.
  • Before you leave home check whether the road is open.
  • And before you leave GLOUCESTER or SCONE always check the weather and road conditions before you leave town and head up to the Tops.
  • Gloucester Visitor Information Centre 6538 5252
  • NSW Police can close the road at short notice or during your visit. Access to snow covered areas can be closed or you may have to turn back after a long journey.
  • Delay non-essential travel in extreme weather and poor road conditions.

Be prepared! Snow = very cold

  • Overnight temps drop below zero.
  • Wear warm clothes and enclosed shoes.
  • Pack extra warm clothes, blankets, extra food & water. Especially if you are travelling with children.

Barrington Tops is a remote location

  • Mobile phone reception is limited, confined to a few small sites and even where present, only available to limited service providers. Reception may be possible on ridge lines.
  • GPS devices can be misleading in this region & phone coverage is intermittent at best. We recommend a real map & the latest advice from a local visitor information centre.
  • Maps can be picked up at the Gloucester Visitor Information Centre 6538 5252
  • Beyond Barrington village there are no shops or service stations with limited visitor facilities and shelter. Be prepared for rapidly changing extreme weather including rain, wind, and sub-zero temperatures.

Drive to the conditions , for your safety & others on the road

  • The Barrington Tops Forest Road / Scone Road is a steep unsealed road in variable condition. It can be corrugated with pot holes. It’s not a race!
  • The unsealed road across Barrington Tops is steep, narrow and winding. Ice and snow can make driving on Barrington Tops roads extremely dangerous, even for 4WDs.
  • 4WDs are better suited for driving in snow and ice conditions, so leave the two-wheel drive at home.
  • The distance from Gloucester to Polblue is 70km, 25km of which is unsealed road. Travel time is up to one and a half hours depending on conditions.

(Photo at Polblue by jack Maunders 18 June 2018)