Eastern quoll

The Eastern quoll is a medium-sized carnivorous dasyurid marsupial that once inhabited most of southeast Australia. It is believed that the Eastern quoll became extinct on the mainland in 1963 due to the introduction of the red fox and feral cats, yet they survive in Tasmania without these predators.

Dasyurids are characterised by a biting and cutting dentition with four pairs of pointed upper incisors and three lower pairs; well developed upper and lower canines; two or three pairs of upper blade and lower blade-like premolars and four pairs of upper and lower molars with sharp, shearing cusps. Kind of like a crocodile.. on a smaller & furrier scale!

The Eastern quoll is one of six surviving species of quolls. Aussie Ark has identified the Eastern quoll as a key species as it plays an important role as an ecosystem engineer, scavenging on carrion on the forest floor. They are also a natural predator maintaining balance in the bush.

Aussie Ark Eastern Quoll Reintroduction Program

Aussie Ark needs $94,000 to establish an insurance population of Eastern quolls at their conservation facility in Barrington Tops. This includes construction of 10 enclosures and habitat development to all for the captive breeding of a viable population. Please support their Eastern quoll program.

Read more about these beautiful vulnerable animals on the Aussie Ark website

Animal facts

  • Common name: Eastern Quoll
  • Scientific name: Dasyurus viverrinus
  • Conservation status in NSW: Endangered