Eastern Stony Creek Frog

Purring frogs & changing colour for sex.

The Eastern Stony Creek Frog (Litoria wilcoxii) is found in Barrington Tops & the males turn a bright yellow to yellow-orange during mating season. And instead of croaks, males call with a very soft purring.

Litoria wilcoxii shows extreme sexual dimorphism, meaning the males & females have different appearances. Females can reach a length of up to 70 mm and males 45 mm. Females are a smooth brown in colour with speckling & blotching in the groin. A thick black stripe extends from the nostril to the base of the forearm, encompassing the eye and tympanum. The lower underside and groin can be from a light yellow to olive green, tending more often towards a beige brown.

Males however turn a bright yellow to yellow-orange during mating season. They will call to the females with a very soft purring from debris such as rocks, vegetation or the ground immediately next to the water body.

The species is threatened by habitat loss especially spawning areas, so take care around our waterways & watch out for the purring frog seducing its partner with a costume change.

This photo in Barrington Tops by http://www.instagram.com/albertpomeroy
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