Parma wallaby

The Parma wallaby is a small shy, cryptic creature of the wet sclerophyll forests of southern New South Wales.  This beautiful resident of Barrington Tops with the white moustache is an ecosystem engineer, playing a significant role in ecological functionality and habitat restoration.

The Parma wallaby is small with a head and body length up to 52 cm. Fur is a uniform greyish-brown on the back and shoulders with a dark stripe along the spine ending mid-back. It has a white stripe on the cheek and upper lip and a white belly. (Yes, a moustache!) When hopping, it remains close to the ground in an almost horizontal position with the forearms tucked tightly against the body, and the tail curved upwards in a shallow U-shape.

Parma wallabies occupy rainforests and sclerophyll forests with a dense understorey and grassy areas. It is found only in areas of the Great Dividing Range in New South Wales, from the Watagan Mountains in the south to the Gibraltar Range in the north. 

Aussie Ark Parma Wallaby Reintroduction Program

Aussie Ark needs $94,000 to establish an insurance population of Parma wallabies at their conservation facility in Barrington Tops. This includes construction of 10 enclosures and habitat development to all for the captive breeding of a viable population. Please support their Parma wallaby program.

Read more about these beautiful vulnerable animals on the Aussie Ark website

Animal facts

  • Common name: Parma wallaby
  • Scientific name: Macropus parma
  • Conservation status in NSW: Near threatened