Gravel grinding around Gloucester

Gloucester has justified my cycling passion in fewer than 10km.

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” Gravel grinding has raised eyebrows since its indoctrination into cycling’s vernacular, but the freedom it provides is unparalleled. Just as surfers search for the perfect wave, riders can seek out their favourite journey in unfamiliar locations. The key difference? We don’t have to wait for strong swells and favourable winds – we can ride anytime. Be it fine, wet or a combination, chasing gravel will always offer a great story.

I’m not embarrassed that I had never heard of Gloucester as a cycling destination prior to my Big Ride. I now realise that a sense of adventure and an appropriate bike leads to boundless possibilities. Spend a short while exploring and you’ll probably find your own Gloucester. But if searching for an idyllic place isn’t your thing, spend a few days in this part of the world – it won’t disappoint. ”

(Story courtesy of Cyclist magazine written by Jack Lynch; photo courtesy of http://www.instagram/bencirulis )