Gravel grinding: a new trend?

What is a Gravel Grinder?

“The blend of road cycling on looser surfaces has become the latest trend to sweep the cycling world. Accessible to most cyclists, especially in Australia, itโ€™s tapping in to the heart of why we ride.

Once the bastion of cyclo-tourists and would-be beatniks, gravel roads have entered the mainstream of cycling culture. Whether an antidote to the perceived threat of city roads, or something more philosophical, gravel and grinding have become by-words for freedom on two wheels.

Curiously, it is the very social and back-to-basic aspect of gravel grinding that has helped fuel its popularity across every level of cycling, and among every level of cyclist. ”

(Story courtesy of Australian Bike magazine, written by Richie Tyler, photo courtesy ofย http://www.instagram/bencirulisย )

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