Discover the majesty of Mount Royal

Discover the majesty of Mount Royal National Park

Mount Royal National Park is a superb natural environment adjacent to Barrington Tops National Park. Both parks are part of the extraordinary world heritage area of Gondwana Rainforests of Australia.

Mount Royal is truly majestic & is located in the south-western precinct of Barrington Tops, accessed via Singleton in the Hunter Valley.

The park is ideal to explore by 4WD or on foot. It contains many birds and animals that remain relatively the same as their fossilised ancestors. It’s also home to various threatened and vulnerable species of wildlife such as the hastings river mouse, parma wallaby, rufous scrub bird and paradise riflebird, and the glossy black-cockatoo.

(photo courtesy of Craig Fardell, check out more at awildland )

Camping at Mount Royal

The closest accommodation to the park is Callicoma Hill which offers self-contained eco-cabins, bunkhouse and bush camping.

Inside the national park, Youngville campground is the ideal base to pitch your tent and head out to see more from there.

Walking tracks at Mount Royal

Whether you want an easy walk in nature and peace, an adventurous climb to see a breathtaking view, or are in training for an epic multi-day walk, Mount Royal provides excellent bushwalking opportunities.

Callicoma Hill offers easy walks onsite & offers suggestions for the best of the longer walks  in the nearby national park. They offer guided bushwalks for families & groups. You can even combine a bushwalk & a mountain bike ride to see more of Mount Royal National Park utilising a 30 km loop road from Callicoma Hill through the national park.

Challenging walking tracks lead you to the summit of scenic rock features such as Pieries Peak, so bring along your hiking boots. You’ll experience a variety of forest and vegetation types including shrubland, tall open forest, wet eucalypt forest, mid-altitude grassy forest and rainforest.

History of Mount Royal National Park

Mount Royal National Park was gazetted in January 1997 over 6,920ha of what was previously Mount Royal State Forest. As part of the gazettal of the new Mount Royal National Park, approximately 230ha of Barrington Tops National Park around Mount Royal was revoked and added to Mount Royal National Park.