Barrington Tops Devils make Tasmania their new home

On 18 November 2015, a contingent of 22 Barrington Tops Devils from Devil Ark was released in four allocated sites on the Forestier Peninsula off the east coast of Tasmania near Hobart. These Barrington Tops devils are a mix of males and females of varying ages and were selected based on their genetic diversity and wild trait behaviors. They joined 18 others from other conservation projects for their release into the wild.

Veterinary health checks, conditioning and monitoring were first completed to ensure that the 22 devils were in tip-top shape ready for their release. The vet health check comprised of a thorough physical examination of each devil including blood and faecal samples to test for parasites, dental and paw checks and a general health examination.

Each devil was photographed for all their markings (rump, shoulders, chest and face) for ease of identification. On the evening before they were transported to Tasmania, their furs were combed to check for seeds and their feet dipped into an anti-bacterial cleanser to avoid any possible transmission of invasive species entering Tasmania.

The 22 Barrington Tops devils were freighted in individual boxes from Devil Ark to Scone airport in a truck before getting on a private plane, like the Hollywood superstars they are. Once in Tasmania, they were released in one of the four allocated sites and started their new journey.